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Postby Coki » Thu 19. Nov 2015, 14:10

The team BBD has a lot of servers.
Servers for fun and training, and servers for play matches.

List of our servers (this list can grow all the time)

- 4 servers for fun in Trackmania Nations ESWC
- 9 servers (fun and train) in Trackmania Forever
- 23 servers in TrackMania² Stadium (currently 17 train servers including 10 ESL title, 5 fun servers, and 1 relay server for spec Matches)

BBD can also rent servers to other teams. We practice very low rates, and service is very good.

In this section, you can report a bug or a malfunction on our servers, or tell us about the improvements you would like to see.
You can also ask for rights here.

It is also possible to create new servers, if you have ideas come and tell us about it.

Check the list here (you can add or join a server just by droping your mouse on it and click on the right tab)
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