Read before applying

If you want to join the team, please post your application

Read before applying

Postby Coki » Wed 18. Nov 2015, 17:46

Hello and welcome on our website.

If you want to make a good application, here the minimum informations we would like to know about you (you can copy paste this and add your answers :

- Login in game :

- Age :

- Nationality :

- Who do you know in our team :

- Which game do you usualy play (TMN ESWC, TMN Forever, TM²) :

- Is your computer able to bear TM² Stadium :

- Do you already have TM² Stadium :

- Are you able to play competitions with the team or do you just want to play for fun :

- Have you ever played official matches or participated in clan war

- History on tmn (your old teams, when did you start to play tmn) :

- Kind of maps do you prefer (Fullspeed, Tech, mini, etc...) :

- According to you, what is your level (High, medium, low) :

- Disponibility and frequency of playing :

- Your favorite servers :

- Your motivations to join us (What can you bring to BBD) :

- And finally, a very important question, what is your favorite pokemon :

We wish you all the best, with us or not.
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